single cup $4 

small pot $6 

large pot $9 

latte $5 (organic dairy or oat milk) 

side of organic milk $.50 


Herbal Teas 

6PM Tea (Caffeine Free) 

chamomile, lavender, roses, rosehips, pink peppercorns

tasting notes: floral, sweet, spicy


omija beauty berry (caffeine free) 

schizandra berries 

tasting notes: tart, fruity 

quince eucalyptus (caffeine free) 

quince, lemon peel, linden, eucalyptus, peaches, yuzu,  ginger, lemon myrtle, hawthorn leaves, tangerine oil

tasting notes: honey, spicy 

cinnamon plum (caffeine free) 

cinnamon, hibiscus flower, currants, licorice root, plum

tasting notes: juicy plum, cinnamon, fruity, warming 


chocolate monkey (caffeine free) 

rooibos, honeybush, cacao nibs, chocolate seeds,  apple bits, banana bits, pink peppercorns 

tasting notes: sweet, rich, fruity 

apricot escape (caffeine free) 

rooibos, lemon, rosehips, hibiscus, 

marigold, orange, apple 

tasting notes: tart, fruity, fresh 

White Teas 

white tea rose melange 

white tea, rose, peppermint, lavender, jasmine tasting notes: sweet, rich, fruity 

silver needle 

tasting notes: honeysuckle, artichoke, sage


himalayan white 

tasting notes: ripe peach, 

fresh floral bouquet of iris & orchids


Green Teas 

jasmine reserve 

tasting notes: floral, grassy, sweet 

Moroccan Mint 

tasking notes: peppermint, floral


yulu jade dew 

tasting notes: artichoke, edamame, 

brisk bitter sweetness, rich umami


Oolong Teas 

coconut oolong 

oolong tea, coconut, banana 

tasting notes: creamy, tropical


mandarin silk 

Oolong, lemon myrtle, marigolds 

tasting notes: creamy, orange, vanilla


plum oolong 

rosehips, wuyi Oolong, schizandra berry, hibiscus tasting notes: tart, fruity


iron goddess of mercy 

tasting notes: roasted chestnut, apricot


Puerh Teas 

coconut cacao puerh 

puerh, cacao nibs, coconut 

tasting notes: smooth, robust, hazelnut


Black Teas 

earl grey creme 

black tea, cornflowers, bergamot oil 

tasting notes: fresh citrus, vanilla 


tasting notes: rich, sweet honey


laoshan black 

tasting notes: sweet, chocolate


English Breakfast 

tasting notes: dates, raisins


Pour-Over $3.75

Latte $4.50

Mocha $5.50

Cafe Au Lait $4.00

Cappuccino $4.00

Americano $3.00

Con Panna $3.75

Espresso $2.50

***Extra Shot $.80

***Syrup $.50 (vanilla, Caramel, violet, rose)

Specialty Drinks

Matcha Latte $5.25

Double Rose Latte $5.25

London Fog $5.25

Chai Latte $5.25



Bulk Teas 

2oz or 4oz bag 

of dry loose-leaf tea 

(prices vary)


Baked Goods 

a rotating selection 

of gourmet pastries 

and baked goods

Scream Ice Cream (locally made)

Earl Grey $3

*** ask server for weekly flavors

Cheeseboards $12.50

assortment of cheeses, nuts, crackers, olives, and more! Some ingredients change weekly/monthly.